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December 14, 2009



It seems that Harvard's call is from last year.


Microsoft Research New England has postdoc positions too..


I know one more for folks interested in distributed computing.


Ken Clarkson

IBM Almaden Computer Science, Theory Group

Post-doc (two year) and summer internship positions in theoretical computer science, please send vita and names of references to csjobs_theory at almaden.ibm.com by January 31 for full consideration.

Alex Lopez-Ortiz

This is in the category of "I happen to know someone with funding". The algorithms and complexity group at the University of Waterloo has postdoc positions available:



I just happened to visit this lab site. It says there that they're constantly hiring postdocs interested in working on problems with a strong geometric component. Thought I'd share the link for others' benefit...

Computational Geometry Lab

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