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July 20, 2009


D. Eppstein

Sigh. We should be building bridges across the Atlantic, not barriers. Poking one timid toe out the door and then immediately running back to the safest and most frequent choice for the conference location is not a great way of doing that.

The relatively small number of people with European affiliations on this year's program committee is also a symptom of the same parochiality, I think. I've heard complaints that SODA acceptances are politically biased against non-Americans; I don't believe any conscious bias of that type exists but there could well be an unconscious bias due to less familiarity with some topics.

You were being tongue-in-cheek about the "except for all those computational geometers" part, I'm sure, but I think the many attendees of ESA/ALGO, ICALP, WG, SWAT, etc., would object to the implication that there is no broad European non-geometric algorithms community.

Jeff Erickson

Of course I was being tongue in cheek there as well.

Do you think we can convince SIAM to organize SODA in Guanajuato in 2012 (like WAFR 2008)?

Me neither.

Mikael Vejdemo Johansson

What kind of a suburban Paris location did they come up with? Orsay is quite lovely, and breathes heavy of university atmosphere; and the Cité des Sciences is, while arguably not in the core of Paris, still a gorgeous place to potentially host conferences...

It makes me wonder what sort of organizers they were hoping for in "Paris propre"? ENS? Sorbonne? The interesting things, as far as I can tell from my remote location, in Paris CS happen outside the walking distance from the Pantheon circle.

D. Eppstein

Hey! This isn't Paris!

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