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June 05, 2006



Dang ! I like your business meeting better. Can I come ?

p.s Havana !!!

You completely forgot the part about papers in the parallel sessions being second rate papers compared to the single sessions papers, and do we really want aparthied in the conference. And you call yourself a computational geometer. Disgusting.


So, Mr/Ms Anonymous Commenter from Sedona, what would you suggest? I suppose you prefer the quieter version of aparteid, where 10 of those papers don't get in at all?

Next year, I'm planning to schedule all the BEST papers in the parallel sessions next year. After all, by the time the conference actually starts, everyone's already read the best papers!

Here's hoping that next year's PC Chair will see fit to accept 65 or so papers, provided there are submissions of sufficiently high quality.


¡Viva la Revolucion!

Seiously, I am firmly perched even further to the north and east of Sedona than you, so the conference was spared.

I am all for parallel sessions and aparthied. I was just pointing out that you failed to mention this really important and exciting discussion topic.
-- Anonymous, no longer in Sedona.

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