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March 07, 2006



I would have totally got that answer wrong!

First, I'd have thought: "It can't be that easy. The Prof. must be messing with us. What's the right answer?" Then, after analyzing it to figure out the trick, I would have thought, "Wait. I'm probably over-thinking it. I bet 'D' is the correct answer." But just to be sure, I would have sat until my time was up trying to figure out what the trick was.

Then, at the very last second, I would decide to mark "D" because hey, that's what it says to do...

...only I'd be in such a hurry, I'd mark the wrong bubble on my answersheet.

That's what I get for taking too many philosophy classes.



I took Calculus 2 in college and once had a professor make every answer 1. While taking the exam, I did everything in my power to NOT make the answer 1, taking into assumption that my professor wouldn't do that. Needless to say, everyone failed that exam.

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