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February 17, 2006



This is the kind of guy that grocery stores love. "Why, this sign's bigger! It must be a great deal!"


I passed algebra.

I can make creme brulee.

I know the second verse of the national anthem.

I teach English.

But that guy is still a dingbat.

Algebra to the limit

The funny thing is that he blames algebra instead of the teachers. But I agree with him completely, LA does not have the moral right to deny Gabriella her high-school diploma just because she could not tie her shoes. All americans are born equal, with the right to a high-school diploma, right? (Except for the ones that can do algebra and have money, they are equal more.)


I vote that it's a proof by contradiction. The author sets out by assuming that algebra does not teach reasoning, that the true test of reasoning is writing skill. But here we have an example of a perfectly grammatical English sentence - in fact, whole essay - which displays absolutely no reasoning at all! Therefore, we have reached a contradiction, and we must conclude that algebra does teach reasoning skills and that it should be required for high-school graduation. Q.E.D.

Somehow I find this far more satisfying than simply concluding that he's an idiot.

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