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January 23, 2006



An anonymous person on livejournal sent me your way because I'd commented on this whole vatican copyright thing in my journal (nothing substantial really, more just noting that it happened -- I'm a librarian and thus like to keep tabs on this sort of thing).

In general, I agree with your sentiments. However, I did note the following quote in the first article you linked:

"Officials said that newspapers would be free to publish extracts from papal documents without charge once they were officially released, but only by “prior agreement”."

I'm guessing papers like the New York Times (and possibly mags like Newsweek as well) will work out such "prior agreements," so the Vatican won't be stifled completely. But I seriously think copyright on the Pope's words conflicts with the church's duty to spread the Word of God (not that I'm Catholic, but I do know that religion in general likes to propagate itself). You'd think they'd want it to be free.

mark hutchinson

Does this include words of the Holy Bible spoken (quoted?) by the Pope?

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