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January 30, 2006


Traveler, not tourist

Thanks for the post. I had a very similar experience last semester. A prof. whose course I took has for some reason built up a reputation of being a tyrant. This actually stopped me from interacting much with him. I realized by the end of the course that, he was not at all like I had pictured him to be. I fact he was a very well intentioned man, and was eager to be of help to his students. Wish I had known it earlier. It's a very useful course to me, and I could have utilized it better.

One thing I learn't from my experience is that my prejudices are becoming stronger, and I'm judging people more than I used to. This has to change.


--- And the aloof tyrant thing might explain why almost nobody came to my office hours

Jeff, do you think that the picture on your web page (with the chainsaw and stuff) might have something to do with that ? ;)


Or maybe it's the other way around. That picture WAS drawn by a student, after all.


I too once had a teacher who lamented why he was never asked any questions. Well..it could have had something to do with the insults he would lob on people who did ask questions. I never understood that about him.

But it is cool that you are at least trying to learn from the evaluations.


Good for you for taking them seriously. It does seem like, though, the aloof tyrant image you've cultivated might actually free up some extra blogging time!

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