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January 04, 2006


Does Koltun prove a strongly polynomial linear feasiblity algorithm? Or is he just sketching out an approach?


He's really just sketching a promising variant of the simplex algorithm. Simplex (in its simplest form) can be described as a guided walk along the edges of the feasible polyhedron. Vladlen's algorithm uses a different graph—the arrangement of the constraint hyperplanes—which provably has only polynomial diameter. Polytope graphs are believed to have small diameter [http://www.math.ethz.ch/~feichtne/ATDM/semi04winter/node11.html], but but the lack of proof is commonly cited as a bottleneck in finding a strongly-polynomial simplex algorithm. Vladlen's result removes that bottleneck.

Ok. So what happened with Koltun? Did he just give up on this strongly polynomial simplex pivot-scheme? Or did he want to claim credit for the arrangement idea and is trolling for collaborators to finish the job? Or does he want two papers out of this little fest?

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