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September 12, 2005



this one sounds rather geometric to me:

Morphing Orthogonal Planar Graph Drawings
Anna Lubiw and Mark Petrick and Michael J. Spriggs


btw, congrats, on the Mr. Octagon paper :)


Oops! Thanks for catching that, whoever you are.

That is an impressive list not far in size from that of SoCG (32 vs 41). Who knows, at this rate SODA might soon become the preeminent geometry conference :-)


That's entirely possible. Most of the metric space embedding papers wouldn't even be SUBMITTED to SoCG. (One of these days Sanjeev Arora will realize that he's a computational geometer.)

And earlier this blog was complaining there were no geometers
on the committee. Perhaps ingornace is a good thing.


Hi Jeff,
The CFP of SoCG 2006 was announced. See

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