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May 18, 2005


From one of Cristan's charts:

Alumni with the title of assisstant professor or associate professor are considered recent.

Don't fret it Ernie, at least you know how to spell assistant.

I ran a quick and dirty eigenvalue analysis on the data. From this it follows that the best places to graduate from are: Berkeley (hands down #1), MIT (#2), and then Stanford at #3.

The best faculty recruiting departments (i.e. those who land the most % of faculty from the top graduating places) are: Princeton, Washington, Caltech, Stanford, CMU, Berkeley, MIT, in that order.

Note that the big four (Stanford, CMU, Berkeley and MIT) are more willing to dab outside the top 11 for hires as compared to Princeton, UWash, and Caltech. This explains their "lower" hiring score.

On the other hand, since they are uniformly considered the top four departments in the country it seems that part and parcel of a good hiring strategy is the ability to reach outside the top schools for the exceptional candidate.

For the top four, about 25% of their faculty comes from schools not in top 11. Among the top 11 schools, the extremes are UWash, which hires 93% (!!) of their AA faculty from other top 11 schools, while at the other end of the scale Wisconsin hired 55% of their faculty from other top 11 departments.

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