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May 23, 2005



LOL. Oh, my God. If you crossed an ambitious geek with a bitter fundless twit, you would be right on the money. It makes me feel better that my mentor's behavior can be generalized. In all fairness, there really should be a graduate student counterpart to this listing.


LOL. Nice list!

>This will probably add years to your Ph.D. and >turn you into a bitter alcoholic.

What's wrong with that?


Ernie, you know I’m a chemist, don’t you? I’m glad I was general enough to strike a universal chord or two out there in CS land. And SFTR, I’m thinking about the grad student version. Damn, I’ll really have to make sure that I remain anonymous when that one comes out.


As an educator myself, I can actually relate to many of these descriptions, though I feel somewhat like an anarchist to admit it! Many who are not in academia don't realize how politically charged and motivated it really is!

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