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May 03, 2005


Rich Bateman

Aww... can we see some computer science love, now?

I remember seeing Hamming give a "I'm being paid to come visit you and piss in your coffee because I have a distance named after me" speech once. There's only one word to describe him: curmungeon. I think the guy thinks he is a great because he came up with that Hamming distance concept. Um, excuse me, if you hadn't discovered it, some geeky 10-year-old hacker would have...

Are all metric-named people that bad?

>Are all metric-named people that bad?

I don't know but my guess is Euclid and Riemann were pretty cool guys.

I'd say that having a trivial metric named after you could make you that bad. I mean how would you like to go through life having a trivial concept attached to your name? "Oh, you are Hamming from Hamming distance fame? What a quaint notion (cough cough)." I bet it gets on your nerves after a while. It might drive you to give a "scientific" talk with no science, only vitrol in your autumn days.

Hmmm. This would be a fun math/comp sci blog topic: make a list of trivial concepts named after someone. Score extra credit if the guy turned into an asshole after it was named after him.

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