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May 10, 2005



There is a fair amount of amphiboly (or is that polysemy, ok let's go for ambiguity) there, based on your use of "Caucasian"

1) Caucasian = from one of the countries in your referenced wikipedia article: yes, a sizable proportion of Iranian citizens are of Azeri (background - CIA fact book link?), a very small minority are Armenian.

2) Caucasian = the linguistic/ethnic group including Georgian/Abkhaz/Dagestan. Not significant ethnic groups in Iran

3) Caucasian = the (somewhat arbitrary) racial classification, more commonly known as "white".
The Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, and Persians (the original Aryans, the name "Iran" is cognate with Aryan) are all considered Caucasian under whatever classification uses that term.

My point? It's "fun irrelevant fact" day.


babaie coni

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