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April 11, 2005


If you want funding Ernie, you'd better change your slogan to "Let S bet a set of n sensors in general position (amen)."

Daniel Lemire

Go back and ask yourself why there is public funding for scientific research? Was there always public funding? No. What happened? Among other things, Germany showed that publicly funded universities and research could greatly contribute to society.

That's why we have public funding for research. And if research is no longer judged useful for society, then it stands to reason that it should be cut.

I'm not advocating budget cuts in fundamental research. Myself, I've got a NSERC discovery grant which can be described as a generic scientific discovery grant which often supports fundamental research. A large chunk of my research is fundamental research.

What is the current problem with research funding? The problem is that a lot of the money is still around, but being redistributed at the wrong places. How do I know it is at the wrong places? Because it doesn't contribute or won't contribute to society.

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