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April 12, 2005



They spam non professors too. (Aren't I lucky!)

Hmmm... I guess it counts as plagarism if I submit that perfect paper and claim to be the author. Dang. *sigh*

I used to get as much spam from World Scientific for their WSEAS conferences as I do for this silly cybernetics conference...

In fact, this one time, in graduate school, I submitted a paper to a WSEAS conference. And it was accepted!!!! But since I couldn't cough up the per-page fee, let alone the plane ticket to Melbourne, Australia, my advisor suggested a more near-by conference.

Unfortunately, my beautiful paper was rejected by all the "nearby" conferences (e.g., SODA, FOCS) and even the not-so-nearby conferences (ESA). Yet, suprisingly, IJCGA accepted it!!! How could that happen? Wait? Isn't IJCGA published by World Scientific?



ah...Google is a bitch is it not? a little google search at uiuc says...



I believe the next level of sophistication after the "chicken" paper is the following (seen on slashdot):


In the recent IEEE conference in Boston, my team from the university of Colorado published 6 JUNK Papers.

Shame on IEEE

Jeremy Stribling said Thursday that he and two fellow MIT graduate students questioned the standards of some academic conferences, so they wrote a computer program to generate research papers complete with "context-free grammar," charts and diagrams.

The trio submitted two of the randomly assembled papers to the World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI), scheduled to be held July 10-13 in Orlando, Florida.

To their surprise, one of the papers -- "Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Access Points and Redundancy" -- was accepted for presentation.

The prank recalled a 1996 hoax in which New York University physicist Alan Sokal succeeded in getting an entire paper with a mix of truths, falsehoods, non sequiturs and otherwise meaningless mumbo-jumbo published in the quarterly journal Social Text, published by Duke University Press.

Stribling said he and his colleagues only learned about the Social Text affair after submitting their paper.

"Rooter" features such mind-bending gems as: "the model for our heuristic consists of four independent components: simulated annealing, active networks, flexible modalities, and the study of reinforcement learning" and "We implemented our scatter/gather I/O server in Simula-67, augmented with opportunistically pipelined extensions."

Stribling said the trio targeted WMSCI because it is notorious within the field of computer science for sending copious e-mails that solicit admissions to the conference.

The idea of a fake submission was to counter "fake conferences...which exist only to make money," explained Stribling and his cohorts' website, "SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator."

"Our aim is to maximize amusement, rather than coherence," it said. The website allows users to "Generate a Random Paper" themselves, with fields for inserting "optional author names."

"Contrarily, the lookaside buffer might not be the panacea..."
Nagib Callaos, a conference organizer, said the paper was one of a small number accepted on a "non-reviewed" basis -- meaning that reviewers had not yet given their feedback by the acceptance deadline.

"We thought that it might be unfair to refuse a paper that was not refused by any of its three selected reviewers," Callaos wrote in an e-mail. "The author of a non-reviewed paper has complete responsibility of the content of their paper."

However, Callaos said conference organizers were reviewing their acceptance procedures in light of the hoax.

Asked whether he would disinvite the MIT students, Callos replied, "Bogus papers should not be included in the conference program."

Stribling said conference organizers had not yet formally rescinded their invitation to present the paper.

The students were soliciting cash donations so they could attend the conference and give what Stribling billed as a "completely randomly-generated talk, delivered entirely with a straight face."

They exceeded their goal, with $2,311.09 cents from 165 donors.

I wonder why we make this discussion for the conferences of IEEE.
We know that IEEE works as a Franchising System.
So, the IEEE conferences are not reliable any longer. But, there are some many important issues
in the academic community than the Spam.

I do not like Spam. Every day I use to receive
a great number of messages from IEEE, IEE, IASTED,
ACM, etc... advertizing their conferences.

But this is NOT the problem.
The PROBLEM is elsewhere!

Our Professors STEAL our papers!
Yes, this is the reality
We close our eyes to an important problem.

Many Professors sign papers and they do not know
what their students write.
Professors take the academic promotions and
in some cases their students cannot take their
master or their Ph.D.

I know a professor that joined my university at
Roma (Italy). He was lecturer some years ago.
With my publications and the publications of another colleague -- also Ph.D. candidate, he
became Full Professor after some years.
We wrote for him more than 20 papers.
He was somewhat stupid and he did not understand
anything in our papers
(This professor has very low IQ)
But, we demanded from us to put his name in all
of our papers.
He is now Professor, but I am only a Ph.D. engineer. The other collegue had never received
his Ph.D.. He wrotes 13 papers for the "Professor", but Professor kick him away from the university.

How many professors worlwide STEAL papers from the students?
How many professors worlwide STEAL papers from the students?
This is the MAJOR Problem

Why our papers are stolen by the "supervisors"?

Finally my colleague wrote some "trush" papers
and submitted them to an IEEE conference
Yes, these papers were ACCEPTED!
After some years, he send an email to Professor
informing him for this




Please, protect the students.

Also, this Professor in Roma is threatening his former young student now.

This professor is very stupid.
He has many money from various relations with

He is ridiculus!

This a frauder Professor
If you want, I can give you more details.
Leave your message and your email in this web page
and I will tell you his name!
I will encourage you to send many emails!

The reputation of IEEE ir really very very bad.
I published a stupid paper in an IEEE Conference in Paris some years ago.
It was unification of 3 papers that I found randomly on the web.
The first paper was on ELECTRIC MACHINES,
and the third paper was on AIRCONDITIONING and COOLING.

The stupid Professor in Paris asked me to send 430 USD.
I sent him an email and I promised to him to
pay on-site.
After that he published this rediculus paper.
It is really a shame
I do not want to tell you my name.
Also, in the paper, my name does not appear.
This conference had more than 500 papers
Who receive all these money
500*430 $ ?
The "non-profit" IEEE
Is IEEE a non-for-profit society or it
is something like MicroSoft of Bill Gates
By the way, who is the name of the Manager of


[email protected]

Black List of conferences and journals
Recently the following universities have put in a black list some dubious journals and conferences that are considered as "fake conferences and journals" (for the reasons that you will read below)

1. MIT, USA www.mit.edu ,
2. New York University USA http://www.nyu.edu,
3. Technical University of Vienna, Austria, http://www.tuwien.ac.at
4. RMIT, Australia http://www.rmit.edu.au/csit
5. Institute Superior Tecnico, Portugal, http://www.ist.utl.pt/
6. Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa, Portugal, http://www.inesc-id.pt
7. PENN, University of Pennsylvania, USA http://www.upenn.edu
8. Universitte catholique de Louvain, Belgium, http://www.ucl.ac.be

These universities (some of them are in the top of the academic space, like MIT) have tested and checked several international "conferences" and proved that several conferences and journals that have no real review process and exist only for making money out of innocent (or not so innocent) researchers that are looking for a simple way to publish their work. Many Universities have already put these Journals and Conferences in a black list.
Some of these conferences and journals are "sponsored" by some ridiculous "scientific societies" that are very far from what we mean by the term scientific society. They are simply commercial companies with only one target: to maximize their profit from the registration fees.

BLACK LIST of Conferences and Journals

1. Any International Conference organized by GESTS
that means any International Conference organized by "Myungjin BAE"
People from MIT have tested them also.. For the terrific academic frauds and lies of "Prof. Bae", see:
a. http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen
b. http://www.inesc-id.pt/~aml/trash.html

2. Any International Conference organized by "International Enformatika Society". This company is located in Turkey, but they have made terrific frauds also. MIT have tested them also. See:
a. http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen
b. http://www.inesc-id.pt/~aml/trash.html

3. Any International Conference organized by IIISCI
that means any International Conference organized by "Prof. Nagib Callaos"
For the terrific academic frauds and lies of "Prof. Nagib Callaos", see:
a. http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen
b. http://anthony.liekens.net/index.php/Misc/FakeConferences
c. http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/002067.html
d. http://3dpancakes.typepad.com/ernie/2005/04/sci_followup.html
e. http://www.scs.cs.nyu.edu/~dm/remove.pdf
f. http://www.physics.nyu.edu/faculty/sokal/

Relevant Sites:











List of University Staff that have made extended plagiarism in their (Scientific) Papers,

INTRODUCTION: What Is Plagiarism (please, visit: http://www.georgetown.edu/honor/plagiarism.html )

The following people are (or were) members of some university staff. However, they are well-known for their plagiarism in their papers that had submitted in International Journals and in International Conferences. They have already punished by a permanent placement in the Black List of many International Journals and Conferences as well as they have been punished by their University Authorities.

Sairam Kandouri, Dr. (INDIA)
Robert Gath (USA)
Peter Laurikkala (FRANCE)
Elder Savic (UK)
Uran Ali, Prof. (INDIA)
Sophia Ulieru, Dr. (USA)
Cristina Ioannovic (RUSSIA)
Micael Sampsitz, (UK)
If you know other people that received his Ph.D. by plagiarism or even more if they became university professor by plagiarism or by other frauds, contact us: [email protected] We will examine your information and in case of approval, we shall add him in the list.
We promise that we shall respect your privacy!

[email protected]


I would like to add the following information
I have retrieved it from


This is a new site uploaded by a team of
university researchers and professorsthat have serious complaints against IEEE
and many arguments against its legal status. So, we have created this forum to fight the making-profit policy of
IEEE. We declare that we will stop all of our efforts, if IEEE cease to be a profit-making company and if the IEEE President Michael Adler stop to be an unethical person. We want an IEEE real non-for-profit academic organization.
However, currently IEEE is really a scam.
We want to correct this "SCAM IEEE" and we want to improve the recent
bad reputation of this big organization
We invite you to send us your opinion of how to proceed.
Send us an email at [email protected]
and we will reply you shortly
This web page is a FORUM for the IEEE reputation or better for the IEEE SCAM.
We cannot accept the way that we are treated in IEEE Conferences. Rude Presidents,
Unpolite Ph.D. students that help their Supervisor - Chairman of the Conference.
This is ridiculus. We must improve this situation and for this reason we want your opinion.
We will host all the views here. Please, email us [email protected]

Please, visit: http://www.the-scientist.com/news/20040316/05


Hello, Michael Adler. If each IEEE Conference gathers more than 1200 registrations, with an average of 600 $, we have 720000 $.
In what pocket all this money goes
Other Societies like SIAM, ACM etc... does not have this behaviour.
We try to have a discount in your conference, but we failed.
“This has created just tremendous bad will toward the IEEE,” said Kenneth Foster,
a University of Pennsylvania professor of bioengineering and an IEEE fellow

The petition's administrator, professor Michael Gevers of Universite
Catholique du Louvain in Belgium, said that the one fifth of the petition's
backers who attached a note sent “extremely angry comments… Many of them say,
'If that continues, I will not renew my membership,'” he told The Scientist.
About 1000 of the signatories are from the United States, Gevers said.
More: http://www.auto.ucl.ac.be/~gevers/

"Only if you put in your paper the name of a well-known Professor in USA, member of IEEE, you can have a full paper in IEEE" professors use to say. "This is because IEEE is an AMERICAN Company. We must make it clear." If you doubt, you can see the following interesting links: http://onlineethics.org/essays/discharge/unghot.html#assault








Group of Scientists against the SCAM IEEE
Team of Researchers that wish to improve the Bad Reputation of the IEEE
Healthy minds that hate the ridiculus scam of IEEE


Do you really believe that you can publish your work in IEEE with the same terms as other scholars?

Open this web page: http://www.anti-plagiarism.org/ieee-racism.htm
This web page is the result of a full research in
the Universite Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).
It had been published by the laboratory of Prof. Gevers
who was ... IEEE Fellow!!!
After several protests and threats from IEEE, the Universite Catholique de Louvain
removed these pages, but a "good professor" from this University sent
the material to us.
See also:







The anti-plagiarism.org is very careful and very responsible before adding a new fake conference in this list. The anti-plagiarism.org does not add conferences before testing them. This is the reason that the anti-plagiarism.org cannot add the famous pseudo-conferences of Nagib Callaos, because Nagib Callaos has already stopped his activities when the anti-plagiarism.org uploaded the first black list of conferences (fake conferences if you prefer) in 2005 and the anti-plagiarism.org did not test him.


Here is the latest version of this spam.

Based on your participation in conferences, we would like to consult your
opinion and your possible contribution regarding the idea of collecting, in
a multiple-author book or symposium proceedings, reflections and knowledge
regarding conferences organization and quality standards/means. It will
only take you about 30 seconds to give us your opinion and your potential
support as a reviewer and/or paper contributor. To do so please visit the
web page:
www.iiis.org/kcc/a.asp?t=a11&e=[your email address here]
As you know, an increasing number of books and papers have been written
regarding knowledge communication via journals, but very few have been
written regarding knowledge communication via conferences, workshops, etc.
Consequently, we would like to invite you to share your ideas/research in
this area by submitting a paper and/or organizing an invited session in KCC
2006 to be held in Orlando, FL on July 16-19, 2006. Please visit KCC's web
site for further information: http://www.iiisci.org/KCC2006

Organizers of the invited sessions with the best performance will be
co-editors of the proceedings volume where their sessions' papers are to be
included and of the CD electronic proceedings. You can find information
about the suggested steps to organize an invited session in the Call for
Participation and in the conference web page.

If the deadlines are tight and you need more time, let me know about a
suitable time for you and I will inform you if it is feasible for us.

Best Regards,

Prof.Nagib Callaos
KCC 2006 General Chair


I think BLACK LIST of Conferences and Journals must also include WSEAS who have a strange review system. You send any paper, they will accept it, and will give the fake figures as so many papers accepted and so many rejected.

WSEAS also talk about citation, their citation sense is very funny, it is like this.....anyone who has written a letter to WSEAS or any organization to whom WSEAS has sent a letter, is deemed to have been cited and indexed. For example if ISI.net has sent WSEAS a letter (also posted on WSEAS website), they assume that now their journals and papers are cited by SCI.


I was working for wseas and the only thing they have is two desktop computers. Even if you will send a pdf which will say FUCK WSEAS they will publish it . Check it on yourself. The whole thing is for financial benefit of a person who illegally has this company "prof." N. E. Mastorakis. No conference at all, WSEAS is good for vacations, drinking, dancing and spending your money for Mastorakis belly. Out of the fees only 90euros or something goes for the actual conference. Big scums...


I was the organizer of the conference INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEMS.
I was rejected the Plenary Lecture of an Emeritus Professor and this Professor started blaming the conference INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEMS.
I have heard that he asked from the organizers of the next
conference INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEMS to pay their air fare,
the accomodation and his local expenses .
This was not a good scientist but with many threats he manages to be PLENARY Speaker in many reputable conferences.

If you are conference organizers and you do not pay him, he will blame you

This person goes from conference to conference as Plenary Speaker
His speech is an insult, but if you do not accept him to be Plenary Speaker,
he will disadvertize you.

If you have this phenomenon in your conference, please, inform the academic authorities


Look a Fake Conference: http://www.rfideurasia.com/
Look a Low-Quality Event.
It is a shame.
Why the IEEE Sponsors this abasing and humilated event.

Hey! IEEE reply!
Why do you sponsor this LOW QUALITY Event.
The Organiser are unprincipled and flagitious persons.

I have a very strong scientific resume and I was promised to be in the International Program Committee.
They did not add me though in the IPC(I am IEEE Fellow).

So, I believe that this conference is an atrocious, monstrus event of these zombies!!!!

1st Annual RFID Eurasia Conference & Exhibitions
September 5-7, 2007 ISTANBUL, TURKEY

at RFID Eurasia 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
Get ready to “Meet the Need for RFID” in Asia & Europe : in the modern, cosmopolitan as well as traditional, historic and vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey, host of the
1st Annual RFID Eurasia Conference & Exhibitions.
Istanbul ranks as one of the top meeting and conference destinations both in Europe and Asia and will open its doors to you 5th September - 7th September, 2007 to allow you to experience first hand all it has to offer.

Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ - http://www.itu.edu.tr/e/) and LODER (Logistics Association of Turkey - http://www.lojistik.org/) are hosting the 2007 RFID Eurasia Conference - Exhibition - Training & Seminars in Istanbul. The resources, both human power and technical, of the university in general, the Faculty of Management (Industrial Engineering) in particular will be put at the disposal of the conference.
It will be acquired the supports and the active involvements of both private and state institutions and companies.

The technical program will include regular, invited and video sessions and plenary talks and tutorials. The responsibility of the program will be shared by a program chair, assisted by co-chairs. The names for Technical Program Chair and Technical Program Co-Chairs are yet to be decided.

Venue Hotel : The Marmara Istanbul (located in the center of modern Istanbul, Taksim Square) Dates : September 5 th and September 6 th, 2007 Room : Bosphorus Room



I am spammed by these announcements


ECCTD 2007
2007 European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design
"Bridging Technology Innovations to Foundations"
Seville, Spain
26-30 August 2007


The 18th European Conference on Circuit Theory
and Design, ECCTD'07, will be held in Seville,
Spain, from August 26 to August 30, 2007. The
ECCTD series continues a long tradition started in London in 1972.

The conference, technically co-sponsored by the
IEEE Circuits and
Systems Society and the
European Circuit Society,
addresses all aspects of circuits and systems:
theory, design and applications. This includes
advances on linear and nonlinear circuits,
systems and signal processing techniques; and on
analogue, digital and mixed-signal integrated
circuits. Contributions are expected regarding
new architectural and circuit solutions, new
modeling and simulation techniques and new signal
processing techniques for telecommunication
systems, sensory-processing systems, ambient
intelligence, bio-inspired and neuro-fuzzy
systems, among others. Circuits techniques for
emerging nanotechnologies are also welcome.

The presentations will be in the form of
contributed and invited papers in regular and
poster sessions. State-of-the-art talks will be
delivered by keynote speakers. Authors are
invited to submit original technical papers
describing novel research and engineering
developments in areas including but not limited to:

. Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing
. Digital and Adaptive Signal Processing
. Programmable Logic and VLSI; CAD and Layout
. Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems; Theory, and Applications
. Communications and Wireless Systems
. Digital Circuits and Computer Arithmetic
. Embedded Electronics
. Multimedia Systems and Speech and Image Processing
. RF and Microwave Circuits
. Quantum and Nano Scale Electronic Circuits and Computing
. Optical Systems, Microelectromechanical Systems and Sensors
. Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
. Control Systems, Mechatronics and Robotics
. Power Electronics; Circuits and Systems
. Biomedical and Bioengineering Circuits and Systems
. System Architectures and Distributed Systems
. Computational and Mathematical Methods for Analysis and Design
. Digital and Analog Design Reuse
. Electromagnetic Compatibility and Physical Design
. Industrial Applications and Production Testing

Authors are invited to submit a 4-page Full Paper
according to posted guidelines. Only electronic
submissions will be accepted via the Web
interface at . At
least one author of each paper MUST register for
the conference by 06 July 2007 for papers to be included in the final program.


Deadline for Submission of Special Sessions Proposals: 01 March 2007

Notification of Special Sessions Acceptance: 15 March 2007

Deadline for Submission of Papers in Regular Sessions: 30 March 2007

Deadline for Submission of Papers in Special Sessions: 15 April 2007

Notification of Paper Acceptance: 15 June 2007

Deadline for Publication Ready Manuscript Upload: 06 July 2007

Deadline for Presentation Upload: 10 August 2007


No comments


Professors and Scientists does not respect the IEEE any longer.
It has been proved by 1000+1 ways that "IEEE" is a bad organization with low reputation.

They have a franchising system.

They sponsor thousand of conferences each year.


After the stultification of the Many "IEEE" Conferences, the "IEEE Conferences" are considered quite ridiculus

I shrung off to participate in any "IEEE Conference", because the IEEE does not check its conferences.

We must stop the blatant IEEE for ever


I was in an IEEE Conference in my Country.
It was ridiculus.

Fake papers. Fake Journals.
Everything in IEEE is Fake.

Bill Tozier

Sounds like somebody has a problem with IEEE, and thinks that posting the same comment on all the blogs that complain about WSEAS (as I did a while back in 2005), on the same day, over and over again... hang on. What's that called?

Oh, how droll.

What did Kissinger say? "Because the stakes are so low?"


I have found a simple solution for academic spammers:

The email of these conference organizers has been tagged as SPAM by Outlook Express and not reaches to me.

It goes to the trash automatically


Another question:

Why in some universities , some Professors use to send their Assistants in the Lectures' Rooms to teach their courses? It is ridiculous. Professors must give the lectures themselves. They must not send their assistants. This is a very big problem


The IEEE organizes a Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.
This IEEE conference is very funny or dubious.
Because they distribute prizes, certificates, etc... to all.
It is like a Super Market Conference. Very funny really.
I have just received an email from IEEE telling me that I will receive
a GOLD certificate. I am only a graduate student in Psychology and I did not know anything about IEEE. I was told that these people run a scam in Istanbul

I visited their web site
and I discovered in their announcement (pdf format) that
10% of the participants will take gold diploma,
20% will take silver diploma and 30% will receive bronze diploma

They do not say ANYTHING about their review process, but
say that my paper (in psychology?? Mmm!) will receive gold certificate.


I had never heard about this IEEE company, but it seems Scam to me

You can open also:

They claim that my paper in Psychology will appear in their Data Base of
Electrical Engineering.
I think that if I write a paper about the Libido of Electrons or
if I prove that the electrical wires of my television are in love with me
(i am a girl) then the IEEE will publish it.


It looks too bad to me, than in an IEEE bogus conference, like the Bogus Prime, officially, a 10% will earn gold diploma, a 20% will earn silver
diploma and another 30% will earn bronze diploma.
I received also an email from them and in their email they promised to me
gold diploma and I am only Ph.D. candidate (student)
So, this IEEE Bogus congress will collect crappy papers from many idiots
I have heard also a bogus IEEE conference in Paris that accept some bogus papers, fake works from some stupid people. Very bad IEEE conference. Bogus really.

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