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March 29, 2005


The Great Gazoo

So Hollywood has been onto something all of this time?

Screen names are important? I understand that Joe Theisman changed the pronunciation of his last name (from THEES-MAN to THIGHS-MAN) to make it more likely that he'd win the Heisman trophy.

Perhaps budding computer scientists should change their names to Claude Turing to guarantee success? :p


What's in a name? Apparently, not only academic success but also success in movies and the possibility of world peace.

According to Indian numerologists:

"After June 2003, the Indian stock market will do well. The year 2004 will prove to be good for the media and entertainment industry.

"And if the names of the two Indian states, Kashmir and Gujarat, are spelled differently, it may resolve their political problems.

"These are some of the recent predictions made by the numerologist father-son duo Bansilal Jumaani and Sanjay B Jumaani."

See also http://astrospeak.indiatimes.com/articleshow/999943.cms

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