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December 15, 2004



I think Otfried brings up a good point about the role of a newspaper article even if it is from a... *shudder*... school newspaper. Nonetheless, I still agree with you that her attitude is symptomatic of something worse. I don't believe this is a case of "I need to print something, let me be inflammatory".

I'm not even a professor yet but having been a teacher's assistant for 4 years I can say with some certainly that: many students feel exactly the same way and have no shame about their poor performance.


"Related is Suresh's remark that a student familiar with the UK or Indian government examination system could not have written the column"

I said whaaaat ? Am I being misquoted here ?


"I said whaaaat ? Am I being misquoted here ?"

Yes, you have been shamelessly misquoted. My apologies, I mismatched the attribution line (your name appears above the comment in question, but I should have looked at the attribution below).

As another blogger would say, after logging off I will immediately perform Harakiri.

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