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December 28, 2004


Michael Mitzenmacher

You're right on about the copyright. Whenever you can, don't sign the copyright forms! Or add a line "all publication rights reserved by the author"! Or something.

The current system is broken. That's why everyone thinks (knows?) that the current system is broken and is destined to fade away. That's why arxiv and various electronic publishing methods are taking off. The journals just aren't offering that much anymore, and their "price" -- both in terms of what they charge libraries/users and what they require in terms of copyright -- is too high.

Michael Mitzenmacher


In mathematics, at least, editors uniformly get confused by a paper being in the public domain. Every time I have sent a public domain paper to a journal the copyright notice is changed to indicate that the journal owns the copyright. This used to bother me, as my papers weren't serving as the example that I wanted them to. However, in practice it is ok (the journal can't prove they own the copyright, after all).

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