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September 10, 2007



Actually, I imagine Google gives quite a few "Research Awards", but thanks for the publicity ;)

Michael Mitzenmacher

Hey Jeff. I hope this last week means you're back to regular blogging. (I know the whole child thing can be time-consuming, but c'mon, we need you here...)




Ditto what Mike said. (Blogging can involve baby pictures!)

The flying chmichanga

You forgot the paper:

Greedy Drawings of Triangulations
Raghavan Dhandapani

which is probably the best geometry paper in SODA this year. Also,

Fast dimension reduction using rademacher series on dual BCH codes
"Nir Ailon"

is interesting. And of course

Coresets, Sparse Greedy Approximation, and the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm
Kenneth L. Clarkson

is shocking - is there anything new in this world, ever?

Now, to add to the shock, a rare paper showing exact algorithm for k-clustering:

On Clustering to Minimize the Sum of Radii
Matt Gibson and Gaurav Kanade and Erik Krohn and Imran Pirwani and Kasturi Varadarajan

But you think you know everything, dont you? Well, did you know that you can do this?

Cutting Cycles of Rods in Space: Hardness Results and Approximation Algorithms
Boris Aronov and Mark de Berg and Chris Gray and Elena Mumford

You did??? OH well, sorry for wasting your time.

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