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April 16, 2007



No offense, but you appear to be from one of those redneck states:



None taken. (Ah was neah fifteen yeahs old befoah I reelahzed that "damn" an' "yankee" wuz two diff'rent wuhds.) Hence the link in the title.

Nicole probably counts as a postdoc as well.

I believe students on the PC is not a very common practice. I am not sure why but I have some guesses (in particular, reviewing 50 papers or so is quite a burden at such a critical stage). One may wonder what has caused the chair to do this.

On the other hand, the chair added four more people to the PC (compared to 2007) so the load should be lighter?

Nina Amenta

Also, as a program committee member you have to find subreferees, and a student might not have enough contacts or muscle to get people to answer her/his email.

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