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October 05, 2005


Daniel Lemire

I don't know if Computer Sciences says so... you must mean Software Engineering which I consider to be a distinct field (along with IT and Information Systems).

This being said, there are very good reasons why software shops don't follow the principles of academic software engineering. They simply do not work. In most academic work, the requirements are known ahead of time and they are constant. Oh! And the deadlines are fixed and set by the engineer. The premises are wrong, wrong and wrong.

Apple makes better software than Microsoft, but this has nothing to do IMHO with the fact that Apple has been software engineering practices. I'm sure there are as many UML diagrams at Microsoft than at Apple.


No, Daniel, I mean old-school computer science -- actually sitting down and reasoning about what you're going to do before you even touch the keyboard. Forget the UML diagrams and all that crap. I'm talking about simple, basic programming discipline. Writing simple, readable, flexible, modular, working code.

And you missed the joke.

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